Banana Sushi Rolls

banana sushi rolls

These rolls are made in minutes and are the perfect lunch or after school snack.  They’re full of fiber, protein, potassium, omegas  and best of all, they will keep your little ones’ bellies full for hours.  Having a party or playdate?  They also look really cute served on a platter.  My favorite part?  They are just as good for little ones as they are for grown ups.  Hands down my favorite lunch to enjoy with my girls.  Or should I say Chopsticks down?!


Banana Sushi Rolls

Serves: Serves 2


  1. 2 whole-wheat tortillas or wraps

  2. ¼ cup peanut, almond, or sunflower seed butter, divided

  3. 2 bananas, peeled

  4. Agave nectar, maple syrup or honey

  5. Chia seeds

  6. Raw cacao powder


  1. Spread nut/seed butter on wrap/tortilla. Place whole banana in the center. Drizzle with agave and a sprinkle of chia seeds and cacao powder.

  2. Roll and slice into "sushi rolls". I recommend using a serrated knife for the best cuts. Wipe knife clean in between cuts to keep them pretty. Serve cut side up and sprinkle with additional chia and cacao if you like.

  3. Optional, serve with chopsticks to work on those fine motor skills!


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