Green Creamsicle Popsicle

Here I’ve used the Lekue Silicone Ice Pop Molds.  They’re easy to fill, great for little hands, and don’t create the drippy mess that popsicles on a stick often do.  Kids will love squeezing them from the bottom up like a good ol’ fashioned push-pop, you’ll love giving them a sweet treat you can feel good about…..


Green Creamsicle Popsicle

Serves: Makes approx. 8 popsicles, depending on the size and type of your mold


  1. 1 cup packed baby spinach leaves

  2. 1½ cups pineapple chunks

  3. 1 medium ripe banana

  4. 1 cup coconut water

  5. ½ cup yogurt of choice, I use Greek but feel free to use plain or even vanilla yogurt


  1. Combine spinach, pinapple, banana and coconut in a blender or food processor and puree until smooth.

  2. Alternate pouring the mixture into the molds with small dollops of yogurt along the way. This will give it a cool swirled look.

  3. Freeze for at least 6 hours, up to overnight.

  4. Run under warm water and either push popsicle up or unmold. Serve immediately.

  5. If you have any puree leftover, add to a glass and grab a straw!


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