Homemade Baby Food: Essential Tools and Gadgets

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Whether you’re a first time parent or you just need a refresher, remember, making homemade baby food is not nearly as difficult as it sounds.  All you need are a few kitchen essentials, ones you most likely already have.  Here are some helpful tips and useful products that will make you a baby food making pro.  No gimmicky contraptions needed.

What you’ll need:

  1. Good knives for chopping, cutting, and dicing.

  2. 2 cutting boards.  One for meats, another for everything else.

  3. A pot you can boil and steam produce in or cook grains in.

  4. A steamer basket – ideally a collapsible one to fit into any size stovetop pot.

  5. A baking pan for roasting fruits and vegetables.

  6. Parchment paper for lining your baking sheet.

  7. A food processor.  I love this mini one.  It’s the perfect size for making baby food in and it is also useful for non-baby food items like dips and marinades.

  8. A blender, immersion blender, food mill and ricer are not necessary, but also make great purees and smooth textures.

  9. Mixing bowls and measuring spoons/cups.

  10. A peeler to remove tough skins on fruits and vegetables.

  11. A fine mesh strainer to rinse grains, beans and produce.

  12. Storage containers – My favorites include these clever mumi & bubi trays, OXO’s 2 and 4 oz. freezer safe containers, or these silicone ice cube trays that make perfect little 1 oz. cubes.

  13. Storage bags – Once you have your cubes of frozen baby food, place in resealable Ziploc bags for easy storage and access.  They also allow you to easily stack and organize your goods.

  14. A sharpie – always label and date the baby food in your freezer.  This will keep you from confusing butternut squash with sweet potatoes and will ensure you serve homemade frozen baby food within the 3 month safety zone.

What you don’t need: A baby food maker

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