Kids Menu Done Right


We took Audrey to Marc Murphy’s Ditch Plains restaurant in the West Village this past weekend.  What a refreshing sight it was to see a menu that actually had some decent choices on it.  All too often kids menu’s consist solely of chicken fingers, buttered pasta and cheeseburgers….tasty, sure, but can we get a vegetable thrown in there for good measure?  I have to give Ditch Plains big kudos for going outside the box and thinking about nutrition and diversity, all the while keeping it “kid friendly”.

Just to reiterate what the above picture says, they have designed part of the menu to accommodate the USDA’s MyPlate guidelines.  4 of the 18 menu items on the Ditch Plains menu include eggs with spinach and basil pesto, herb roasted chicken legs with brown rice and broccoli, a whole-wheat chicken and vegetable quesadilla, and a strip steak with broccoli and brown rice.  Whether you live in NYC or plan to visit, I can’t recommend this restaurant enough.

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