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www.redkitchenette.com baby pouch tips

Here’s what you need to know about pouches:

  1. These will not introduce your little one to the actual taste of an individual fruit or vegetable, so consume sparingly.

  2. The flavor of veggies is almost always masked by the sweetness of the fruit in pouches.

  3. Beware of sugar content: the produce in pouches is often pureed without the skin, eliminating much of the fiber content.

  4. Avoid pouches with “concentrated fruit juice,” this is nothing more than another term for added sugar.

  5. Look for pouches containing both vegetables and fruit with no more than 12 grams of sugar per serving.

  6. Whole fruits and vegetables will provide less sugar and more fiber, plus less sweetness and more satiety.

  7. My favorite brand is Happy Baby/Tot.  Other notable high-quality brands are Plum Organics, Ella’s Kitchen, Peter Rabbit, and Sprout.

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