Like Mother, Like Daughter…

Audrey Kitchen

As a chef, I can’t think of many toys cuter than a play kitchen.  As a mother, I know how valuable they can be for childhood development.  So when I saw this red mini-version of my own kitchen, I knew this is exactly what Santa would be bringing Audrey Christmas morning.  And just as I hoped, she has enjoyed countless hours of fun with it since. Whether you love or loathe the kitchen yourself, play kitchens are a fantastic way for little ones to explore and learn in numerous ways.  Here are my top 10 reasons highlighting the benefits of play kitchens:

  1. Allows kids to use, develop, and explore their imaginations.

  2. Teaches responsibility and care-taking.

  3. Creates a dialogue for why we eat certain foods, where food comes from and how food is made.

  4. Develops social skills, including sharing, communication, and etiquette.

  5. Explores the process of cooking and preparing a meal.

  6. Helps to develop organizational skills; what goes where and why.

  7. Creates a safe environment for children to learn the basics of a kitchen, ex: ovens are hot, refrigerators are cold.

  8. Helps to develop recognition of colors and objects and strengthens math and verbal skills.

  9. Teaches the importance of washing and cleaning dishes, pots & pans, and fruits & vegetables.

  10. Teaches how to identify various fruits, vegetables, and pantry staples; knowing and understanding what a food is increases the likelihood of then eating that food, i.e. vegetables.

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