Pregnancy: The One-Handed Motherhood Snack

Coconut-Date Snack Bites
  1. Cut carrots, celery or red peppers with hummus

  2. Whole grain toast with cream cheese and sliced avocado

  3. Coconut-date snack bites

  4. Cottage cheese with chopped peaches, nectarines, bananas or pineapple

  5. Cut veggies with your favorite dip

  6. Celery spread with nut or seed butter

  7. Hard boiled eggs sprinkled with sea salt

  8. Carrot-apple muffins

  9. Individual cheese sticks/wedges

  10. Yogurt with granola

  11. Trail mix (not the kind with M&M’s in it!)

  12. Minimally processed bars: I recommend Kind or Larabar

  13. Box of raisins

  14. Fruit and yogurt smoothies

  15. Apple with swiss cheese

  16. Vegetable juice

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