Store-Bought Snacks: Toddlers +

Toddler Snacks

Here are some of our favorite store-bought toddler snacks for at home and on-the-go: they may not be as pure as a homemade kale chip, but they are lower in added sugars and higher in whole grains, fiber, and protein than your average store-bought snack.

Store-Bought Snacks: Toddlers +

  1. Raisin Boxes: I buy the mini ones that have no added sugar, just 100% fruit and perfect for little hands.

  2. Sabra Pretzel Hummus Cups: Whether you’re picnicking or just need a ready-made snack, these little cups are not only cute, they’re loaded with fiber and protein.

  3. Lara Bars: Soft in texture and made with whole ingredients, these come in a variety of flavors such as apple pie, strawberry shortcake, and our favorite, blueberry muffin.

  4. Mini Rice Cakes: Made from wholegrain brown rice with no added colors or preservatives, these crunchy snacks are delicious topped with your favorite nut/seed butter.

  5. Apple Chips: Crunchy, yummy and 100% apple, these Bare chips are a prefect chip replacement.

  6. Cheese Sticks: As classic as the toddler snack comes, cheese sticks are full of protein and calcium and great for younger toddlers still navigating finger foods.

  7. Freeze-Dried Fruit: Portable and healthy, freeze-dried fruits are little pieces of unique crunchy goodness.

  8. Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies: Made with whole-grains, baked not fried, and without any preservatives, these are a go-to in our house.

  9. Quack n’ Bites: The Whole Foods cheaper alternative to a cheddar bunny, these come in individual-sized snack packs which are great for throwing in your purse….because you never know when a little cheddar cracker is going to save the day.

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