Sushi Time!

Sushi For Toddlers

Three years later, I think of her every time I give my toddler sushi.  What once surprised me so much now seems normal.  Sushi, while seemingly grown-up, really is an easy, quick, affordable and healthy lunch option for kiddos.  California and Avocado rolls are Audrey’s favorite and they’re also great for beginners.  You can get white or brown rice, fish or no fish, or seaweed on the in- or outside (we always do inside out rolls).  And I’ve bought the kiddie versions of chopsticks, but they are a total waste of money.  Trust me, just use my very clever friend’s trick.  Take a hair tie and bind the chopsticks together at the top.  The pride you will see on your little ones face the first time they pick up food with them will leave you smiling for the rest of the day.  And who knows, they may even inspire somebody one day.

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