The Chalkboard Table: Dining Creativity

We discovered a charming and cozy ale house during our trip to Stowe, Vermont last week. It was the perfect, fire-burning, long list of craft beer kind of places my husband and I enjoyed many a time pre-baby.  What we didn’t expect when we walked in was that this kind of place would be so kid-friendly.  Great farm-to-table kids menu, super friendly staff, and hands down the most creative alternative to a coloring book and crayons.  All of the tabletops were covered in chalkboard paint and each table had its own mason jar filled with different colored large chalk pieces.  What a fantastic idea for kids.  This takes painting a wall or a door with chalkboard paint to a whole new level.  If only more restaurants in NY were this hip. And the fact that it kept Audrey entertained throughout the entire lunch, while my husband and I were able to warm up with a local Vermont brew, was a win-win for all.

photo 2

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