The Freezer Tray: Baby Food Essential

freezer trays

I love anything that makes it super easy to store big batches of homemade baby food… So when I discovered the baby centric freezer tray I was probably a little more excited then I should’ve been. My absolute favorite is the Mumi&Bubi model. Not only does this tray store food into perfect 1-ounce servings, it also has a snug fitting lid to ensure freshness and prevent spillage and a cleverly curved bottom allowing the frozen cubes to slide right out. It stacks easily, at only 3″ high it hardly takes up freezer space, and each tray holds 21 cubes. The best part? It’s BPA Free.

Everytime I make a big batch of food, I freeze at least one or two trays worth; or only half a tray if that’s all I have left. Here in this picture you can see last weeks leftover quinoa and cinnamon chicken. Once frozen, I remove the cubes (it’s best to run the tray under warm water for a few seconds first) and place them into labeled, freezer-safe ziploc bags. These defrost great and allow me to always have homemade baby food on hand. And given the small size of each cube, you can use 1 cube for babies just starting out or 4 cubes for older babies. The size also allows you to mix and match – this morning Audrey had 2 applesauce cubes and 2 oatmeal cubes, all defrosted and ready in under 2 minutes. Now that’s what I call genius.

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